Blake Thyssen

Blake Thyssen

Blake Thyssen, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Columbus Regional Healthcare
Columbus, Georgia
United States
When I was asked to step out of the room, Blake was right there to wait with me.

In ICU, my husband had so many great nurses; but we met a young male nurse who was just amazing. Blake Thyssen was my husband's night nurse his first three nights in ICU. He needed a lot of care and Blake was there for him. He not only did the regular patient care, he did so much more. He talked to my husband; he brought wet sponges to clean his mouth, applied lip balm and did anything he could to make him comfortable. Blake made sure my husband had his linens and gowns changed four or more times during his shift so that he would be dry and clean. He would always talk to my husband with so much respect and dignity and that is something you don't always get.

One night, I lost my phone. Blake and his tech did everything to help me find it. They never hesitated to help and even went through the laundry to help me find the phone.

My daughter and I stayed two nights and Blake was also very nice to us. He offered us coffee, gave us extra blankets and pillows and took the time to talk to us when we were scared. He was always there to answer any question, not only ours, but also with the physician. When I was asked to step out of the room, Blake was right there to wait with me. I felt cared for also. He was a Godsend to our family when we needed someone the most.

After my husband passed away, Blake returned to work and sent a note of condolence to our family. Even after we were gone and no longer in his care, Blake was still a great caregiver to us. He went the extra mile. Thank you again for providing such a high standard of care for my husband and our family.