Beverly Williams

Beverly Williams, RN

Cirulating Nurse in OR.
Indiana University Health: Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Health University Hospital,Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

Ateenage girl was LifeLined to Methodist Hospital with a massive head injury. Bev was the circulator in the OR when the patient arrived. Ultimately, the OR team was unable to save the patient. Although the doctor suggested that the family not see the body due to the massive head injuries, the family insisted.
"With the family in mind, Bev set to work on creating the best lasting memory that she could for the family. After preparing the body in a very loving and respecful manner, Bev met the family, prepared them, stayed with them, and prayed with them as they said their good-byes. This is a skilled nurs... she wnet from one patient to over a dozen (the family) and created a less damaging memory fo all of them," ecplained Bev's manager Lynn Bridgewater who nominated Bev for the Daisy Award.