Barbara Fabian
March 2020
Senior Care Clinic
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




For showing compassion and care to the Senior Care population at Augustana Senior Care Clinic. Barb is the primary nurse and handles each case in-depth and with detail and care. She accommodates each patient according to their individual needs and shows great patience. She is also very nice to her coworkers, including the Physician, MA, and PSC by showing them respect for who they are at what their role is in the clinic. She strives to get to know everyone coworkers and patients.
Barb is kind of an unsung hero. I have worked with Barb for almost 2 years now and she has treated me with respect and trained me to help each patient individually in the clinic, reminding patients with dementia for same-day appointments and contacting family members for follow-ups.
For 10 years now, Barb has been the sole source of support and care for many of the residents in the Augustana Assisted living apartments, Care Suites and cardiology patients in the TCU. She assists the nurses in the Augustana Residential Apartments and Care Suites to coordinate care and stays on top of their meds and care. The residents have come to know her as someone they can call and trust for even the smallest concern. Very often, however, she identifies when they need more care and passes information directly on to the provider on their behalf ensuring that they are seen within a week of their concern. In addition; she follows up on all their needs with paperwork for therapy and equipment needs for face to face for wheelchairs and braces. For many of these people, if Barb did not follow through on their therapy orders and metro mobility forms, they would go without. She ensures that every family member knows about the patient's needs, asks them to come to the appointment and makes sure they have transportation to the CSC. She, in addition, received ROIs on every single family member. She goes so far and beyond, and takes very little praise, concerned that she is more of a nuisance than actual help.
Also, she accommodates each doctor who comes in each day to the clinic, and lately, there has been a lot of transition. She makes sure that each provider feels accommodated doing whatever is asked of her to provide support and care in the clinic. She is always professional. She even goes to the extent of sitting with them in the provider room and listening to their personal concerns while eating lunch with them. The clinic is only open from 8-12 noon every day, but Barb stays all day, and finishes their paperwork, and answers all the phone messages. She is a gem in the rough.