Barb Anderson

Barb Anderson

Barb Anderson, RN

Labor and Delivery
UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

With only a year under her belt working in Labor and Delivery at the Moline Campus, Barb Anderson has made not only a good impression with all her patients, but also with her colleagues. Barb has a true love for labor and delivery nursing as she had spent most of her career devoted to this profession. Although new to our unit, Barb already serves as a mentor and is greatly respected.

Not a day goes by that Barb does not go above and beyond to provide the very best patient care. She is a compassionate nurse who truly loves taking care of her patients. It is quite apparent that her patients feel the same way about her considering all the positive feedback that comes in the mail after her patients go home.

Barb is an exceptional team member for our staff and has stepped up to fill the holes in our schedule on numerous occasions, all while wearing a smile on her face. Her positive attitude and competence has wooed over not only her co-workers but the providers as well. You are sure it's going to be a good day/evening when you walk around the corner and see Barb's face on the unit. She is always there if you need her, and willing to help in an emergent situation without having to be asked. She is already viewed as a team leader and has started Precepting new hires on our unit.

To exemplify Barb's commitment to our team, here is a description of her actions one evening on a very busy night in labor and delivery:

Barb had an active labor patient who was progressing well and required much of her attention. Barb was very busy with her patient, and in and out of the room frequently, flipping her positions to ensure the baby would come down the birth canal in the right position and continually offering labor support to the soon to be mom. Her presence in a birthing room is always felt and much admired by all. Barb stepped out of the room and saw another patient walking down the hallways who was obviously uncomfortable. Barb and another nurse quickly assisted the patient into a labor room where they hooked the patient up to the monitor to check fetal heart tones and perform a vaginal exam. The first labor nurse checked the patient's cervix and was unsure of the presentation so asked Barb if she would perform the exam. Barb recognized the fetus was in a breech position and was going to delivery imminently. Barb stayed very calm in this situation with the patient and other staff members and within a matter of seconds was delivering the breech baby. Although this is a very nerve-wracking situation for a labor and delivery nurse to be in, Barb handled the situation like a seasoned veteran. After the provider arrived, Barb did not miss a beat and quickly went to assess her other patient to see how she was doing. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a compassionate, selfless nurse.

Our unit would love for Barb to be recognized for all her hard work and dedication to our unit.