Annette Silver
November 2016
Interventional Radiology
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Nomination 1 by: Ann Hague
Annette Silver exemplifies a professional nurse at every level. She works well with staff in a manner that insures best clinical outcomes and staff satisfaction. One of Annette's best qualities is that she listens to her staff and seeks to initiate appropriate practices for the work area. Annette keeps up to date of current research related to IR, policies and procedures.
When I applied to UVA for the open IR RN position, HR drop the ball several times, did not return my calls or attempt to contact me other than the form letter email thanking me for applying. I thought I was not being considered for the position, and took another travel job. When Annette finally got my resume, she contacted me. I was heading to North Dakota the following week for my new travel job, making a brief visit to family in Richmond. Annette said she would drive to Richmond to meet me. Meeting with her, I was so impressed with her professionalism, outstanding communication skills and caring. Fortunately, for me, I was hired for this incredible area that Annette has continued to mold into one of the best work areas.
Working with so many different personalities can be challenging. Annette is able to maintain a professional work area through the many ways she communicates and encourages involvement and communication.
Annette is truly one of the best managers I have worked for in my 38 years as a nurse. It is because of her attention to detail, people skills, strong clinical background and work ethics that I feel Annette Silver is truly deserving of the DAISY Nurse Leader Award.
Nomination 2 by: Jessica Littleton
As I read the nomination criteria above there are mental check marks in my head checking off each and every bullet point above for my assistant manager Annette Silver. I have been a nurse for 8 years and during those years I have worked at 4 different facilities and I have never encountered a manager like Annette who so deeply cares about not only the patients we take care of, but cares even more deeply for her employees. Annette understands the work life balance to fullest extent. She understands that each of us have personal lives and work lives that sometimes intersect and she somehow make miracles happen that makes everything work. Annette goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her staff and the unit's needs. She keeps very much in touch with what it is like working on the unit and the needs of the unit by taking the charge nurse role multiple times each week. Even while she is charge she steps in and helps with patient care to keep things running smoothly. She is eager to know how to document things accurately and often asks how to chart document something if she is not sure how. Just yesterday, I approached her with a dilemma and she asked me the nurse who has been taking care of the patient all day what I thought was in the best interest for the patient and she agreed. My feelings on what should happen were at odds with the units needs and despite that she did what was in the best interest of the patient. It made me feel as though she trusted me very much and backed me up. Annette frequently praises and motivates us to do our best work by writing us BRAVO's and notes of praise for the work that we do. Additionally, she recognizes us in staff meetings for various accomplishments. I was recently recognized for my 1 year work anniversary and obtaining my BSN. Annette, moved mountains to support me in my endeavor to obtain my BSN. I was already halfway through my online BSN program based in Florida when I came to UVA. On very short notice I was required to travel back to Florida for one week to complete a practicum and she the schedule work while still supporting the units needs so that I could go. A very large part of why I came to work in the UVA Angio/IR department is because of Annette. Additionally, I can honestly and full heartedly say that as long as Annette Silver is my manager I will never leave UVA. Annette Silver so very much deserves this award.
Nomination 3 by: Jacqueline Wetherbee
Annette is more than I could ever hope for in a nurse manager. She creates a family atmosphere among staff by being open to feedback, giving praise when due, being cognizant of the work/life balance, and treating all staff equally and fairly. She even writes hand-written cards to add a personal touch to staff recognition. She makes sure to be among the troops by leading as charge nurse multiple times per week. She constantly engages in open and honest communication among nurses and providers to allow for realistic expectations and successful patient outcomes. She leads weekly staff meetings to ensure that we are current on the latest evidence-based practice, patient satisfaction scores, and new technology available. Annette strives to encourage employee growth by allowing nurses to attend committee meetings and classes. I am working on enrolling in Master's study, and Annette has made adjustments in scheduling so that I can interview for different programs. She is understanding, compassionate, intelligent, and leads by example. She stays on the unit as long as it takes to support staff and help with patient care. She will stop whatever she is doing to answer the phone, answer a call bell, waste with nurses, help position a patient, help a patient change clothes, or help a patient get in or out of a wheelchair, just to name a few. The biggest testament to Annette is that she is always willing to receive constructive criticism and ask what else she could do for us. She is always striving to be a better manager, better leader, and better advocate for us. She has an open door policy and has asked me multiple times, "What can I do to make your experience here more enjoyable? What do you need from me to help support your career and personal goals? What concerns do you have? What could I do better?" That internal reflection is so crucial to extraordinary leadership. I cannot say enough positive things about Annette. I feel that this only scrapes the surface of everything that she means to me as nurse, leader, and friend. She's the best and she deserves this award!
Nomination 4 by: Mary Vaughn
Annette exemplifies as an exemplary role model by fostering professional growth with each nurse. Annette will meet with individual nurses to tease out their interests and will help them find projects and/or committees to allow this person to grow and contribute to the unit and University. Annette creates an environment of trust, compassion and mutual trust and respect. She is very supportive of all staff and will go out of her way to recognize individuals for their achievements. Annette shares the Health systems values with staff and finds creative ways to encourage us to excel. Annette encourages us to become certified and will provide opportunity to attend PCCN classes or assist IR to arrange for classes specifically geared to ARIN certification. Annette fosters trust with our patients and families individually as a charge nurse and supports staff in endeavors to encourage a "great pt. encounter". Annette has been pivotal with the Nurse Residency program and has adjusted staffing to support this endeavor. Annette is very approachable and readily available. She is by far the best Nurse Manager I have worked with in 37 years of nursing.
Nomination 5 by: Jamie Barbour
Annette is our manager and she just does an extraordinary job at giving us support, work/life balance, and appreciation. She constantly provides support for our nursing staff by attempting to recruit staff and attempting to retain staff. She is always asking what she can do to make our unit better and what she can do to help our work/life balance better. She takes the time and listens to our issues and helps us work out our issues on a one-on-one basis. She makes everyone feel appreciated by giving bravo cards or the U-team reward cards when something good is done or one of the nurses gets recognized in a patient satisfaction survey. Annette constantly adheres to UVa values and during our monthly meetings will go over and get ideas from the staff on how to adhere to the model of values/ethics. She is always available in person, phone, and/or email if she is needed. She just great at helping people work out problems and gives suggestions on how to make things better. She was once voted the Best Nurse Leader and since working with her for the last 3years I can see why. She continues to grow in her own role as our manager by going to classes, reading communication books and looking at research that would best help her staff. She also gives staff time during our regular work week to attend classes to help us develop in our profession. She also gives everyone a project and gives work time during a work day to work on the project so we don't have to come in on our days off.
Nomination 6 by: Debbie Berry
I have had the honor of working for someone I both admire and respect for the past eleven years. Annette advocates for both patients as well as her nursing staff. She is a hands-on leader, never moving so far from the bedside that she has lost sight of what we do each and every day. Her presence enables her to see our struggles and achievements. She will cheer us on when things are going well and come along side us when we are faced with impending issues.
Recently we switched out to a new Pyxis machine. I was on call over the weekend. This is always stressful, as we are being called in for emergent procedures. As a result of the new change my Technologist had their access revoked inadvertently. This created an obstacle to providing patient care and interrupted patient flow. I attempted to resolve the issue, and when I was unsuccessful I called Annette before I left for the day. Annette immediately understood the barriers I was faced with and by the time I drove home she had resolved everything.
Simply put, Annette is amazing. She always has our backs and we appreciate her more than words can express.
Nomination 7 by: Stephen Keese
I have been an RN since 1992. Most of my career has been in neuroscience and critical care 2 1/2 years ago I decided to make a change and applied to Interventional Radiology, Annette's department. One of the first things I became aware of was the very supportive environment created by the staff here. I soon came to realize that this supportive environment had been engendered and nurtured by Annette.
My new role was challenging to me and at times frustrating. I received continual encouragement from Annette and my new team mates. On several occasions, I felt like I wanted to give up. But, Annette's emphasis on the positive inspired renewed commitment from me.
Annette's positive affirmations to her staff come regularly and frequently. A difficult day on the unit means multiple 'thank you' notes and praise for a job well done. There is never a doubt that our work is appreciated buy our manager. It is this consistent, genuine approach that makes her staff so loyal to her.
Annette also makes it clear that each staff person's voice in in the unit is valuable. While there is never a doubt as to who is in charge. It is as well known that our input will be heard and appreciated. Annette empowers our shared governance committees to find solutions to issues and make changes. As well we know that she has an open door policy for whatever we have to say as individuals.
Annette's management of IR truly exceptional and I am grateful to be able to work for her. She most certainly deserves the DAISY Nurse Leader Award.
Nomination 8 by: Marty Moran
To say that Annette Silver is an extraordinary Manager is not quite fully telling her story. Annette manages an area that is dynamic, in a constant state of flux. IR's patient population is diverse and includes the full gamut of both in and out patients from all areas. Managing a procedural area requires flexibility, creativity and perseverance. Annette fits the bill. Her open door policy is not just said, it's a reality. She always has time for you, for me. She expects a lot from her staff and we work hard to meet those expectations. We jokingly tell each other, "Don't bring up a subject to Annette unless you want to own it and work on it. Because Annette will expect you to take it and fly with it as a developmental project for yourself!" As one of her Nurses, I feel buoyed and supported by her. I'm a better nurse because of her. She is the reason I'm still working in IR. She has been a major force in the development of the Nurse Residency Program in IR this year. As one of the developers of that program, I have benefited from her support and guidance as our mentor. She has been our best salesperson for the program in garnering the support of the Radiology Chair, the Radiology Administrator and from our IR Physician group. In my 41 yrs. as a nurse, I've NEVER had a Nurse Manager who was more caring, more supportive, more understanding and compassionate and more deserving of this award.
Nomination 9 by: Debbie Ryman
Annette is the best nurse manager that I have ever had. That says a lot since I have been a nurse since 1981. She has been so personable and friendly since the first day that she spoke with me on the phone regarding the open position in IR. Annette tries to involve each of her employees in projects and events in order to unite each person into the great IR team that it is. Patients often comment about our friendly and nice each employee is and how well we work as a team. Even other employees of UVA express positive comments about our unit. Annette is very organized and involved in every aspect of running this department. She has an open door policy and listens intently when she is spoken to and is very responsive with suggestions or assistance. She makes the schedule herself which I love since she is very objective and really works hard to provide time off as each employee requests. We are given daily lunch breaks. Breaks are wonderful since I come from a hospital that didn't always give you a break to eat lunch. Annette makes sure that we have all the supplies that we need to do our jobs and does this in a timely manner. She is an excellent nurse manager and remains humble. I am so glad to be her employee!
Nomination 10 by: Ginger Elmore
When I came to UVA 16 years ago I interviewed with several units. The unit I chose, over all the others, was chosen because of Annette Silver. She was my mentor for that day while interviewing and observing on the unit. Back then I was impressed with her can-do attitude, knowledge, willingness to share that knowledge and positive energy. All these descriptors hold true still today, and more.
We worked together on 4 central. Then, after moving to Interventional Radiology, I encouraged her to apply for the open nurse manager position knowing it would be a perfect fit. That was over 10 years ago and as a staff nurse under her leadership, my career has been nothing but rewarding and satisfying.
Annette as a mentor- The most recent example of her mentorship has been through our development of an orientation program for Clinician I's in IR. This being a new concept for us, she understood our reservations and concerns surrounding this. While knowing that we were daunted by the prospect of hiring and training new graduate nurses, she still knew we would embrace the idea and run with it. She stepped aside. let the nursing leadership in the unit develop the plan of attach, encouraged us and gave us the tools we needed to make the program successful for all involved. Annette was key in the public relations aspect of the program, as well as other aspects, by attending college fairs and meet and greet sessions to promote our department, IR nursing and the new orientation program. One of our main concerns for precepting new nurses was having ample time to teach and explain all aspects of our job. Annette has arranged the schedule such that she includes herself in the staffing on the unit in order to provide the extra support while we left the unit to give lectures to the new graduates, provide hands-on training and all other things that require "protected" time. To give us protected time, Annette has stepped away from managerial duties and stepped in as charge nurse several times per week. As a result, she has spent many extra hours here in the hospital, away from family, to catch up on her duties.
Annette as motivator- When I came to IR, I was a Clinician II. Annette saw characteristics in me and my performance as a nurse and suggested that I challenge the clinical ladder. I challenged the ladder and successfully advanced to Clinician III back in 2006, but only after she sat me down, reviewed all the Clin III behaviors and pointed out details that managers are tuned in to. My career has been on a positive up-swing ever since then. Annette also encourages staff and motivates us to attend national conferences and present lectures at these conferences.
To summarize, Annette Silver is the best manager I have had in my 26 years as an RN. She is devoted to her staff and makes our environment family-like. Our patients, in return, feel as if they are a part of our family. Annette has been my role model since coming to UVA in 2000 and continues to be to this day. Without reservation, I nominate Annette Silver for the DAISY Nurse Leader Award.
Nomination 11 by: Reginia Stottlemyer
I have known Annette during my entire 16-year career at UVA. I have worked alongside her as a colleague, and for the last 8 years have had the privilege of working with her as my nurse manager.
Annette is an exemplary nurse leader. She is hands on and very aware of the daily challenges the nursing staff face in our very busy procedural area. She stays actively involved in patient care by serving as Charge RN at least one 12-hour shift per week, and if staffing is tight she will cover additional shifts as Charge in order to have more nurses available for procedures.
We struggle constantly in our busy area to find the balance between working efficiently to "keep the day moving", and at the same time providing the care, attention and emotional support that our procedural patients need. Even on her busiest days, Annette supports staff in ways that allow us to provide effective, compassionate care to our customers. I recently had a patient whose outpatient procedure was cancelled due to an active wound infection which required a surgical fellow to come in and do a bedside debridement. Annette supported my being able to provide continuous care of the patient in our department, and even though this impacted staffing, it was the right thing to do for the patient under the circumstances.
She works tirelessly to address issues that impact patient care and patient satisfaction. She facilitates tackling barriers that slow our workflow and cause procedural delays which is a significant patient dissatisfier. She has made adjustments in staff scheduling over the years to provide extended coverage into the evening hours which help us wrap of the day before the call-team takes over. It also provides a 12-hour shift option for nurses who prefer this.
Even when Annette is not visible in the Charge Nurse roll, she is always available and responsive to staff. She is very cognizant of her staffs' need for work life balance and accommodates this by putting together miraculous schedule each scheduling period which provides PTO and incidental requests while still adequately covering our staffing needs.
She also encourages the growth and professional development of her staff. She supports our Shared Governance committees by giving us a protected meeting time each month and by supporting initiatives that come out of these meetings. She has scheduled staffing to facilitate several of our Nurses attending the PCCN class and has encouraged all staff to pursue certification. This past year she has provided a huge amount of time and work resources to help get a Nurse Residency program up and running in IR. This is a new endeavor for us and the first program of its kind in the country. She has managed to provide the precepting staff the time they've needed to create and prepare the curriculum for this program and done it in a way that has given all our nurses' ownership of the process.
She is an amazing leader and manager and I hear this from those who have been in our department 10 plus years as well as those who have just joined our staff. She very much deserves to be honored with this award.