Anne Bentley

Anne Bentley

Anne Bentley, BSN, RN

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Anne carries out Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's mission with each and every patient she cares for in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. She consistently goes above and beyond to meet her patient's needs and the needs of the unit. Anne is a valuable asset to Children's Hospital and her knowledge of pediatric nursing is a important asset to the PACU. Anne demonstrates excellent clinical practice when caring for even the most critically ill post-operative patient. Anne is well respected by not only her direct co-workers but also the Surgical and Anesthesia teams. Anne's value to the PACU is immeasurable. She is a key advocate for making her unit the best and safest it can be for patients and families.

Anne is the current co-chair of the PACU Partnership Council. In her role she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the new surgical services hand-off tool. She also was a co-leader and a key organizer in the 2015 RN education day. Anne is a consistent preceptor to new nurses and uses her experience and knowledge to mentor other nurses on the unit. Anne brings new ideas and expertise to the PACU through her training in evidence-base practice.

In addition to all of Anne's roles and accomplishments, Anne is a nurturing and compassionate nurse to each patient and family for whom she cares. She comes to work with a sense of calmness and leadership. She has the ability to stay composed and positive, even in the most stressful situations. She is kind to everyone that walks into the PACU.