Annamma Abraham
July 2016
Medical Intensive Care Unit - D
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




TG said that "A nurse will always give us HOPE, an ANGEL with a stethoscope." This is how we see Annamma! She is an extraordinary nurse. She is a proficient Critical Care Nurse with a wide variety of high level nursing skills. She is well equipped with excellent skills in interpersonal communication, leadership, strategic planning, critical thinking and decision- making. We consider her as one of the best assets in our unit. She is a good example of a professional nurse.
Even she is doing any role for the day, (may it be as a bedside nurse, charge nurse, resource or rapid response nurse), and she does it in alignment with the organization's vision & mission and incorporates the hospital values. She applies the hospital's standard of care in her daily tasks and ensures all other staff is doing the same. She is our fastest access to hospital policies and she willingly shares her knowledge to the new comers, junior doctors and others.
Another colleague, recalled that she had witnessed many interactions between Annamma and her patients and colleagues. She remembered the day where she had a critically ill patient who was intubated with high inotrope support and needed to go for an emergency CT scan. Annamma immediately endorsed her patient to another nurse and volunteered to accompany Indra with the sick patient. She helped and guided her throughout the whole procedure. She stated that anytime a nurse needs assistance with a difficult situation, they will approach Annamma first as she is known to be very helpful. As a fellow nurse, she has high regards to Annamma and aspires to be like her in her practices.
FT mentioned that Annamma helped her in multiple occasions but one that marked best was when it was her first time to start BIS monitoring. Annamma voluntarily came forward to help her throughout the process and gave her articles to read about BIS. She further stated that in times of emergency, Annamma acts as an angel in disguise. She is always there to make a difference to save one's life. She genuinely cares for all patients and elicits positive response.
She respects and considers the opinion of the team. She delivers her tasks in timely manner and works with passion. LR added that there are a lot of instances that Annamma acted as a patient advocate, and as a senior staff nurse, she never left the unit to cater for her personal needs if she feels that the unit is quite busy. One time, she is experiencing a terrible migraine, her patient is not quite stable and on continuous vital signs and laboratory monitoring. As the charge nurse, LR told her to go to family medicine or emergency room for her to be examined. She went but came back after, just to make sure that the unit is stable and staffing will not be compromised, she still insisted to continue helping around knowing that the unit is quite busy.
She is a dedicated worker, has the passion to help, and understands the needs of the unit and willing to set aside her own personal needs. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows in her enthusiasm at work. I always believe that Nursing is both an Art and a Science, and this blended well in her practice.