Angela Denton

Angela Denton

Angela Denton, RN

Heart Center
Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's Health Children's Medical Center at Legacy
Dallas, Texas
United States

Angela Denton, RN is a valuable asset to C8 and The Heart Center. As her co-worker, I look up to her for numerous reasons. I admire her compassion for the patient and their family. She goes above and beyond for each patient; no matter the effort. In addition, she has been a leader to the nurses on the floor. She has been a preceptor and mentor to new nurses, showing them by her lead how to be a competent and ethical nurse. She treats everyone on the floor with respect and strives for excellence in every area of her practice.


I wanted to write to really spell out my appreciation for Angela Denton. Angela is an amazing nurse on the 8th floor who takes impeccable care of our patients on the heart failure and transplant service. She is so thorough, paying attention to all details and providing complete care for the whole patient ( mind, body and soul). As a provider when I see it is Angela with a patient I am so happy as I know I will have a great clinician at the bedside with my patient who will inform me of any issues. She is above and beyond because when she comes with an issue, she has already thought it through and presents it with a viable and brilliant solution. Many of the families on the floor request to have her as their nurse and have voiced to me that they feel more at ease when Angela is their nurse as she is so attentive, wonderful at communication, and careful to see the world from their children's eyes. She truly understands not only the science but the ART of nursing/medicine.

I have thought the world of Angela for a long time..I could go on and on about the "feel" of her over all nursing care but so much of it is the intangible. I now can add one concrete (there are many more) example of her amazing care:

She noticed on a very chronic patient that we were drawing repeated type and screens and questioned if it was needed. She did not question lightly, she had thought it through. She outlined the risks and benefits of stopping the test noting that the benefits will be 3 cc less of blood being drawn each time and the risk is really none as if a heart became available we could stat a type and hold in plenty of time. We researched and cleared with our surgery colleagues but in the end we all agreed with Angela and we are no longer going to draw this lab which will save the patient a LOT of blood loss. Unlike the rest of the team who had fallen into a rhythm(including me) with this chronic patient, Angela continued to actively analyze his care and continue to think of SAFE ways to improve his quality of life and medical care!!!

I think she is an irreplaceable asset to this hospital and I can't thank her enough for her amazing nursing care of my patients!