August 2020
Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
West Islip
United States




Generous - Angela is a "go-to" nurse on our unit. Angela is constantly chosen by leadership and nursing education to train oncoming staff members. Those who have been precepted by Angela come out stronger than ever. Angela is easily approachable with any questions and many mid-levels go to Angela for opinions on clinical decisions.

Supports - Angela approaches each and every patient with dignity and respect. I have never heard a patient complain, nor have anything negative to say. As an ancillary staff member, I work hand in hand with Angela and I can personally attest to this. Each time I'm paired with Angela I see the reflection in the patients based on her "I-CARE" values. It shows tremendously.

Helps - Angela has been a charge nurse from the beginning of the open heart program here at GSH. The leadership team often relies on Angela to take leadership roles. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Angela can have a heavy assignment and will make time to help out her fellow team members with anything they may need.

Nurtures - As stated earlier, Angela is constantly chosen by leadership and Nursing education to train oncoming staff members. Between her knowledge and leadership, she is the perfect preceptor for oncoming nurses. It's reflected on the entire team. Many consider Angela a role model. Seasoned nurses who have joined our team that were precepted by Angela have said how much they have learned from her and what a pleasure it was to be precepted by such an amazing nurse.

Utilizes - Angela is very well polished all around. She makes sure each and every patient is taken care of equally and appropriately. Angela is extremely competent in hospital policies and clinical practices to make sure the safety of all her patients are the top priority.

Respects - All open-heart patients come out with many drips, lines, and tubes. Part of the work as an open heart recovery nurse is to care for families as well. When recovering patients and having family come see these patients after surgery can be extremely frightening to see with all the wires, lines, tubes, and drips. I've seen time after time families come in and have a look of fear on their faces. When Angela is the RN she helps put families at ease. After leaving many families appear to be reassured and not so scared.

Serves - Angela has and always will be a role model for myself and many staff members. She truly knows how to inspire many to be like her in many ways. As mentioned before she is very well polished. Many staff members come to Angela for ideas and questions. Many ancillary staff members have been inspired by Angela to go back to school to become an RN.

Excellent - Angela has shown impeccable assessment skills. She does such thorough exams where some things that can easily be missed she has noticed. She doesn't let anything get by her. She is truly a strong RN. Angela is extremely good at recognizing and responding to any emergency. If I myself or family member was a patient Angela would be the first person I'd ask to be their nurse.