Andrew De La Calzada

Andrew De La Calzada, RN

Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

When it comes to nominating one for an award, it is easy to highlight an extraordinary task which they have completed, and to base a nomination on that one impactful event. However, the individual whom I choose to nominate today does not give me the option of doing that. Every day he consistently amazes me at his persistence and consistency in upholding the true definition of a nurse. Every choice, move, and action he makes involves providing holistic care to patients and everyone around him. There have been so many moments where he bends over backwards for patients, and so many times where he simply just was the first person to listen to a patient and solve a problem that has persisted over time.

The one thing that stands out to me the most about him is that he never complains. As a unit secretary, I am constantly telling nurses and PCA's what patients, patients' families, doctors’ and other departments need. It is not unusual to hear someone to get a little frustrated or complain about filling that need (especially if they are busy). However, Andrew not only jumps at the opportunity to aide others, but his "I'm here for you" attitude and optimal care is unconditionally rendered to his co-workers and even to those he has just met.

When another nurse needs help starting an IV (even on the other unit--Dunn 8 West), pulling up a patient, or answering a call light, he is the first person they go to. Not only does he help, but he does it with a pleasant and uplifting attitude. When he is asked for help, you will never hear him say “That’s not my patient,” or “That’s not my job.” Even though he is young, Andrew has a unique quality about him—he’s an "old soul," which is extremely rare to see in today's society. He consistently puts his patients before himself (only taking quick 10 minute lunch breaks because there are duties of care and compassion which he has the drive to fulfill for his patients. I say this because he is a nurse that I see spending a lot of his time during the night… just walking with his patient. He genuinely just provides them company and lets them know that he cares during the night (which is many patients’ darkest and saddest hours). He maintains the duty of being the patient’s advocate, always remaining honest and setting a high-standard for maintaining his morals no matter what ethical dilemmas may stumble in front of him.

I feel honored to work with such a wonderful individual and am determined to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.