Andrea Aguilar
December 2016
Yuma Regional Medical Center
United States




Andrea was an absolute superstar. From the moment she entered the room and introduced herself I felt a sense of tranquility. Her calm presence was reassuring, her supportive words were encouraging, and her smile was genuine and heartfelt.
Andrea not only helped to fulfill all our requests for our birth plan, she did it with grace and kindness. She was with us for her entire shift, and only rarely left our side. I always felt her presence, knowing she was there to assist, comfort, and guide us through the birth process. During the most intense part of labor she physically assisted by pressing on my abdomen to get the baby's shoulder out. She did this without hesitation and with an assuredness that soothed me during a stressful moment. I completely trusted her with my body, my birth, and my baby.
Andrea was incredibly positive and uplifting. She was open and accommodating with my husband who was a major part of the delivery. She was kind and explained things well and without judgment. She did all of this with composure and poise, making my birth experience amazing and wonderful. Thank you Andrea!