Amelia Berry

Amelia Berry

Amelia Berry, RN

Infusion Center
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

From Patient in the Infusion Center: The nurse in the infusion center, Ms. Amelia Berry, was very helpful, lovely, spread the joy of doing her job perfectly and made me love the infusion though I was hesitant to have it at the beginning. She was very helpful and psychologically supportive. She made me come to the hospital for treatment again and feel better. The day I saw Amelia, I felt like I knew her before. She is very spontaneous in dealing with her patients, her smile and the way she welcomed me made me feel comfortable and as if I am in my home and not coming for treatment or in a hospital.

You have to know that the most beautiful girls await their life and spend days and nights to wear the white dress on their wedding day for only one single night; however for a girl like Amelia, she will wear the white nurse scrubs for her life, she is honored to be a nurse. She is compassionate, empathetic, cooperative and took great care of me!

Thanks Amelia for all you have done for me.