Amber Conant

Amber Conant

Amber Conant, BSN, RN, CPN

South Campus- Inpatient
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States
Amber worked diligently to make sure this mom was getting the care she needed.

Amber is an amazing nurse who focuses on family-centered care. Due to her thoroughness and her recognition of subtle cues, she often identifies social situations that may be overlooked by others. Not only does she have this remarkable ability, she does her due diligence to ensure that these issues are resolved. Seeking resolution can be challenging in the Network because it is not as simple as "calling Social Work.” Social Work is not readily available in the Network; getting their services requires multiple phone calls and significant collaboration from the nurses to coordinate proper communication with the families and the services that are recommended. When the unit is staffed with only one nurse, this creates an additional barrier because of limited resources but this doesn't deter Amber. She ensures every patient receives the necessary services, even if it requires her being on the phone all day multitasking the needs of several patients.

Amber assisted a refugee family and truly made a difference by the care she delivered. Due to the crowded living conditions at home, this new mom and infant were staying with a friend in Conifer. Because of the elevation, this newborn was experiencing hypoxic events and was emergently transferred to South Campus. Amber worked her entire shift collaborating with social work and other disciplines to care for this patient and mom.

In addition to ensuring this infant and mother had an alternative place to go to after discharge, she worked diligently to make sure this mom was getting the care she needed. Not only did Amber seek resources to make sure the mom had enough food to eat, she also provided lactation support/education.

Through the rapport and trust Amber developed with this young first time mom, she identified the mother was having postpartum complications and required medical care. She escalated her concerns and coordinated an appointment and transportation to her obstetrician. Due to distance and the lack of taxis in Highlands Ranch, however, this mom missed her original appointment. When this mom finally arrived at University, Amber continued to advocate and through a multitude of additional phone calls, made sure this mom received the care that was necessary. Amber's perseverance is commendable.

This is only one example of many of how Amber goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional care every day.