Amanda Easter

Amanda Easter

Amanda Easter, RN

NT6 Medical
Urbana, Illinois
United States

Nomination stories:

...All the staff was wonderful, but Amanda, the day-shift nurse, was "TOP-NOTCH"! She was so sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, caring and genuinely concerned for everyone involved. My siblings (a total of 5) and other family members were comforted by the care and respect my Mom was given. Likewise, Amanda made sure to help take care of our needs, as we were all grieving. She ordered a "bereavement" food tray for us. As most of us rarely left our Mother's bedside, the nourishment was greatly appreciated. But besides the little gestures she did as a nurse, it was her sweetness that really touched me. She genuinely seemed to care! We were losing our mother, our "rock", our family's matriarch. She seemed like she knew how we were feeling. Even when she was around, she stayed to the side and was there for support. Her sweet smile made me know that everything would be alright even when my heart was breaking!! Thank you!


Amanda was always at the right place at the right time as our sweet mother was passing. Amanda was very compassionate and articulate about the process of dying and the various stages. Amanda was Supportive of our many questions and concerns. She guided us through the final moments of our mother's peaceful passing.