Amanda Baker
January 2017
Women's Services
JPS Health Network
Fort Worth
United States




Amanda shows leadership and insight in her dual clinical and administrative roles and places a high priority on the JPS values, vision and mission. She is an advocate for our patients and families addicted to drugs and has persuaded colleagues to join her in her involvement and championship of a local state department initiative which concerns a community-based education program for drug dependent patients. She travels to the jail and clinics to educate the patients and family members. She has also helped in a church organized rehab center. With all the organizations and programs she is involved in, she still finds time to volunteer to work with the homeless and teaches a department related class to the refugees.

Amanda is involved in ensuring unit compliance with hospital policies and legislative changes and is also involved in resolving patient satisfaction issues. Being highly educated in our department it is easy for her to provide individual care with courtesy and compassion. She will spend the extra time to research and print out topics and education in several languages to give to the patients and their families. I remember Amanda having a difficult time finding information in Chinese but after much time searching, she was able to present the family with the material they needed, receiving gratitude from the family.

Amanda is involved in Shared Governance Councils at a unit level. She has contributed to her health network by organizing three presentations for a Tarrant County Health Network Conference where she is part of the planning committee and an executive board member of the Network. She is an ANA member and actively involved in her local TNA chapter. She has organized and led two separate groups of nurses, one group participated in the North Texas Wellness Fair and earlier this year she spearheaded a group that attended another two presentations for one of our department conferences. She has undertaken her own research in our unit and compared it with the State Department Data. This data was presented in a poster form at a local conference. This extraordinary and compassionate nurse has educated our unit on so many levels and has increased our ability to educate and relate to our patients and their families.