Amanda Adkins
May 2018
Intensive Care Unit
Saint Francis Hospital
United States




My husband has been in the hospital for 16 days now and has not been permitted oral intake for the past 9 days due to bowel surgery and complications with healing. He has an NGT and has been on the ventilator twice during this 9 day period. There were times when I thought I was going to lose him. When the ventilator tube was removed the first time and he was finally able to talk again, he said what he would really like to have is some grape Nehi soda. This was not possible due to him being NPO so that his intestines could heal. He was, however, receiving routine oral care with toothettes. Upon hearing that he was craving grape Nehi, Amanda purchased a bottle of grape-flavored water and used this at times to do oral care. The smile that split my husband's face the first time was priceless. She made a critically ill man that didn't know if he was going to live or die, a happy man. She takes the time to explain everything to him about his care and involves him. She has tended to him with caring and compassionate competence. She treats him like family and makes him feel safe about the care he is receiving. Amanda Adkins demonstrates nursing at it's best.