Alyssa Canape

Alyssa Canape

Alyssa Canape, BSN, RN-BC

St. James Healthcare
Butte, Montana
United States

Alyssa was efficient, friendly, and compassionate.  She was a very helpful and calming, and she was very good and kind nurse.  She made me feel comfortable and made sure I got everything I needed and explained things well. Thank you, I was lucky to have you as my nurse.  


Alyssa is a wonderful nurse who is always there to offer a helping hand. She acts as a great mentor to new nurses and nurses in orientation. She always remains calm, which reminds you to take a deep breath when moments become stressful. She has her patients’ best interests in mind and helps them transition to recovery smoothly. She shows great examples of patient advocacy and care. We are lucky to have Alyssa as a mentor on the floor.