Alison Baker

Alison Baker, RN

Surgical Acute
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, Illinois
United States

I experienced a difficult and trying time during my hospitalization 7/26 through 8/9. However, there was one nurse who showed true professionalism and concern for me. Alison was never assigned to care for me during this time in the hospital but I shared with her that my pain had not been controlled and this was after a number of days of my hospital stay. Alison made the effort and took the time to review my chart and found that I took an opiod at home, thus having developed a tolerance to pain meds. She brought this to the attention of the resident and other appropriate staff. It was through her action on my behalf that my pain problem was finally addressed and the necessary and needed steps were finally taken to get my pain level down to a manageable and controllable level. It is this concern that Alison showed towards a patient she was not even assigned as a caregiver for makes her most worthy of the DAISY Award.