Aleea Konieczny

Aleea Konieczny, BSN, RN

Child Birth Unit
Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States
I feel as though Aleea did a wonderful job being sympathetic and understanding.

I came in at about 3:00 am to deliver my baby.  I was greeted by Aleea who took me back to the triage to check me and begin her process.  I was laboring and panicking as I was afraid I was going to deliver my baby any minute.  I had an attitude with her because I was ready to get into a birthing room as quickly as possible.  Aleea kindly explained to me that she would take me to a birthing unit as soon as she checked me to see how far I was dilated.  I was still very annoyed at this point as I felt like I was going to deliver any second and we just didn’t have the time.  I proceeded to let her check me. She checked me very quickly and I was already at 9 cm.  Aleea kept talking to me while trying to keep me calm and breathing as she transferred me to the birthing room.  In the birthing room, Aleea continued to communicate with me while trying to get a doctor or midwife in the room as soon as possible.  Needless to say, I delivered at 3:20 am and my delivery was as quick as I expected.  After the baby was born, Aleea continued to help me until I made it to the mother and baby unit.  I feel as though Aleea did a wonderful job being sympathetic and understanding.  She continued to be sweet as pie even after my attitude and I really appreciate all that she did for me in our short time together.  Aleea helped make me feel secure.