Adrian Dancil

Adrian Dancil, RN

Nursing Care Group, 15 South Staff Nurse
St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
Global City Taguig City, Rizal

Whenever Adrian comes into my room he is like a breath of fresh air. His demeanor and body language shows a caring person concerned to other people's needs. He is ready to serve and make the patient as comfortable as can be. He anticipates the patient's needs and is always ready to give comfort and love to the patient. He answers all our queries and explained it very well. I have never met a nurse like Adrian who treated us like his own family; very caring and compassionate. He made me feel at home despite of the ill-feeling I have. ... Adrian was very accommodating. He sounded like he genuinely cares. He's not in a rush despite of the busy schedule, knowledgeable of what his role is and how to address concerns. He is very respectful and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He is always alert and on time and a happy person who always bring positive vibes. He is a perfect example of how every nurse is supposed to be aside from attending to your needs. He cares about how I feel and makes me comfortable.