Adam White

Adam White

Adam White, BSN, RN

Portland VA Health Care System
Portland, Oregon
United States
The one thing I am most impressed with is how Adam manages my husband's anxiety and outbursts.

I am writing this letter in appreciation of the outstanding job Nurse Adam White has provided to my husband. My husband is a 100% PTSD Veteran recovering from back surgery. He also is extremely ill with MRSA in his bloodstream. During my husband's stay, he has exhibited several inappropriate outbursts, ripped out his IVs, threatened nursing personnel, and expressed numerous times his desire to commit suicide. For some time, he has been living in a delirium state, fearing almost everything.

As his wife of 48 years, I feel, for the most part, I've been left out of the loop. Most of the information I have has been because I have initiated contact. Adam had done his best to keep me well informed.

Adam has formed a bond with my husband, which is amazing. My husband suffers from paranoia, so trusting someone in authority is very difficult for him. Several times I've walked down the hallway to his room and heard the two of them laughing and conversing with each other as if they were long lost friends.

My husband is incontinent, and Adam never has made him feel embarrassed. He handles himself professionally and my husband maintains his dignity.

The one thing I am most impressed with is how Adam manages my husband's anxiety and outbursts. Together they have devised a system where he reaches out to Adam when he feels overwhelmed and Adam is immediately by his side trying to talk him down and calm him before it becomes nasty. Together they have worked to form this plan to help my husband stay on an even keel, and it seems to be working.

Adam White is the most empathetic, caring, nurturing, nurse I have ever encountered. Don't ever let him get away because the VA would be losing an amazing human being!