Adam Crawford

Adam Crawford

Adam Crawford, RN

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit
Holy Cross Hospital
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States
Adam has a presence of good will.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Adam Crawford a nurse who exemplified the following Core Values stated in your mission statement: Reverence, Justice, Commitment to those who are Poor (vulnerable) and Integrity.

It is hard to say how painful it is to see the father who raised you, always tough, strong and filled with purpose and responsibility suffer as his body weakens and fails to allow him the dignity with which he lived his whole life.

The night before my father had Adam as his day nurse was one of the worst nights of his life. After three agonizing weeks of surgery, therapies and severe incontinence, he was catheterized due to what they called a "lazy bladder." He tried to joke around with the urologist, but when he had pain so severe that he felt he was being tortured, he lost his sense of humor. My father has always had a high threshold for pain, so for him to say he felt he was being tortured was significant. By the morning, he was beside himself with pain and feeling like no one was listening to him.

When Adam came into the room my father asked Adam if he could share what he was feeling. Adam listened. Adam took the time to explain what was going on and gave my father options to reduce the pain. He also contacted the physician to notify him of the concerns.  Once Adam explained all of this to my dad, he began to calm down because he understood the cause of his agony and that it was being taken care of.

When my dad's breakfast came up, he told Adam they didn’t include the coffee he had ordered. Adam went right out and got him a cup of coffee. This small act of kindness made my father feel that the world was for him, not against him.

I met Adam the following day. As soon as we began to talk, I understood why my dad spoke so highly of him. He has a presence of good will. His body language is kind. He looked straight into my eyes as we spoke and never made me feel I was interrupting him or interfering with his agenda. He treated me with full respect and dignity and I knew that is how he treats every patient. His presence makes the world look kind and fair.

I am writing this letter about Adam because he is that rare person who can administer effectively to the physical needs of the elderly without sacrificing the patience, respect, and depth they are so desperate for. Adam is obviously deeply intelligent. He doesn't waste effort. He listens carefully, sizes up a situation, sees what is needed and deserved and delivers his service gracefully. He shows a beautiful intention of good will.