Abby Kinens
March 2021
Lunder 7 Neurology
Massachusetts General Hospital




Throughout the days that she cared for me, Abby's warmth, genuine concern, and professionalism were deeply comforting.

I recently had a kidney transplant and throughout my entire stay, this nurse made sure to go out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed when I needed it. She helped me contact my family to update them with my status. She helped me get changed and even helped tie my shoes. She just went above and beyond with her care and I am beyond grateful for her attentiveness! I also would like to mention how she was there for me emotionally, helping me through my anxiety and depression and making sure I was not only well physically, but emotionally. I've had many hospital stays, but none ever with the experience I've had with Abby and again, I appreciate her care very much so. Oh, and I almost forgot - she saved my life! Yes, my blood sugar had dropped so dangerously low and because she had been so attentive, she really did save my life. God bless her for her care. She truly has a heart of gold.


I had major surgery in October and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer. However due to a bed shortage resulting from the pandemic I was temporarily placed in the Blake 6 Transplant unit in a shared room until a bed opened up on the OB/GYN oncology ward. Abby, my day nurse, treated me with such exceptional care that it made a significant difference in my recovery. My sister was with me daily and she deeply appreciated Abby's willingness to explain issues, address concerns, and keep her informed because I was "in and out" from pain medications and exhaustion. Abby always made us feel as if I was her #1 patient and that she genuinely cared about my well-being. It was especially evident two days after surgery, I was unable to eat, nauseous, and in pain from worsening bloat, and nothing seemed to help. My sister and I were afraid something was wrong internally. Abby kept monitoring me via verbal discussions, frequent stethoscope checks of my intestines and checking my vitals. With the persistent pain increasing she took the initiative to reach out to the doctor, express concern about a possible blockage, and suggest a mobile X-ray unit to assess the situation. It was subsequently diagnosed as an ileus. Again, Abby took the initiative to contact the doctor and discuss options which helped to alleviate the situation and make me less scared and more comfortable. Throughout the days that she cared for me, Abby's warmth, genuine concern, and professionalism were deeply comforting. She made my sister and I feel like we were not alone in a huge hospital but instead that we had a friend and advocate by our side as we tried to deal with a very stressful and frightening situation. During our chats with her, her passion to help shined through. In our opinion, Abby demonstrates all the qualities that make an exceptionally compassionate, and caring nurse.