3a Covid Counter Attackers
May 2021
3A Covid Counter
IMU - 3A
Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital
United States
Wendi Y Espinoza Flores, RN
Whitney B Shakespeare, RN
Cynthia Johana Hernandez, RN
Marie Renee Christopher, RN
Khoa Phan, RN
Madelyn Vasquez, RN
Robert Bohn, RN
Stacy Samuel, RN
Salvador Nevarez, RN
Christofer Flaschke, RN
Reshma Sunny, RN
Jeffy Jess Joseph, RN
Jennifer Webb, RN
Laura Sexton, RN
Gladys O Azinge, RN
Christie B Sapp, RN
Marina Chandy, RN
Vanessa T Godfrey, RN
Sharmeco L Thomas, RN
Jenna Leigh Hallmark, RN
Thione Tran, RN
Melanie Noa, RN
Loame Garza, RN
Sara Funderburk, RN
Dania Camil Paraan, RN
Tinu Scaria, RN
Giovanna Perez, RN
Janet Guel, RN
Christopher Lamb, RN
Francise Marie Tejano, RN
Erlbert Hernandez, RN
Kassandra Martinez, RN
Rabia Sheikh, RN
Wanda Munoz, RN
Ashley Morales, RN
Oanh K Do, RN
Efrain Fermin, RN
Neha Deshpande, RN
Donna D Nguyen, RN
Darlene K George, RN
Keri N Daly, RN
Rukhsana Momin, RN
Cherry L Hartig, RN
April Edge, RN
Yolanda E Edokpa, RN
Manuel Tellez, RN
Gulzar Mohammed, RN
Mark Richardi, RN
Thuy Nguyen, RN
Julie Hanson, RN
Spinola Shankar, RN
Frances Aileen Cata Al Cortez, RN
Taibat Shittu, RN
Nikki Palitz, RN
Huong Ton, RN
Hannah Ndirangu, RN
Elizabeth Arciniega, PCT
Alecia Arredondo, PCT
Stephanie Austin, LVN
Marphi Balason
Sandra Bazan, RN
Stephanie Bingham, PCT
Hannah Charles, PCT
Chelcie Ehrlich, RN
Olusola Fabeyo, PCT
Vicki Harbeck, RN
Brian Hafele, RN
Danyelle Hodges, PCT
Elizabeth Izuegbu, PCT
Brenda Longoria
Rebecca McCombs, RN
Angella McIntosh, PCT
Linda Milligan, LVN
Alero Ogboghodo, PCT
Michelle Pompa
Jasmine Ponce, PCT
Eulalia Quezada, PCT
Matthew Rivera, RN
Eloisa Rodriguez, PCT
Valarea Wheeler
Clementene White, PCT
Juan Miguel Zapanta, RN




The staff on 3A have always been a close family who works well together. To be so flexible as to embrace these new responsibilities and reach beyond their comfort zone shows how they are truly an amazing team.
This team nomination is for the wonderful team unity and spirit I saw on 3A during the COVID-19 surges. While every unit took on new roles and responsibilities throughout this taxing time, 3A took on more challenges. They met them head-on and are better for it. 3A typically is the IMCU, Cardiothoracic, and telemetry unit. Before the surge, pre-planning was underway for all 3A nurses to cross-train for ICU. This training included vents and common ICU drips, as well as floating to ICU to train with the staff there. The 3A nurses began to work alongside the ICU nurses as the ICU became overrun with COVID patients. This overflowed to 3A.

At one point there were 10 ICU patients housed on 3A, and all 30 patients on 3A were positive for the disease. There were still more ICU/IMCU beds needed to meet the demands. Again 3A rose to the occasion and floated to the PACU where beds were allotted for non-infected patients. They worked with ICU staff in the PACU, on 3A, and in the ICU. Nurses took on these new roles without complaint. Staff supported each other and welcomed the new opportunities.

As the infection numbers increased so did the challenges this incredible team faced. Patients were being intubated at a high rate – at times there were 3 happening simultaneously. The charge nurses set up an intubation cart with supplies in order to expedite the process and decrease the time to intubation. The cart was also stocked with other necessary supplies needed after intubation, such as restraints and foley and central line kits.

The staff on 3A have always been a close family who works well together. To be so flexible as to embrace these new responsibilities and reach beyond their comfort zone shows how they are truly an amazing team. Everyone (nurses, PCAs, unit clerks) worked together to offer the best possible care for the assigned patients no matter where their feet landed for the day. The unit embraced the victories of seeing patients improve and go home, as well as the defeats of those patients lost. Due to the events that occurred on the unit, the staff requested a daily prayer from the Chaplain, to pray for them and the patients in their care.

Many times staff would remain after work to decompress before attempting to join their own families at home with all the challenges that that entailed. Staff was there for each other, and when PPE supplies ran low, the staff bought supplies like eye protection, masks, and stethoscopes to supply the unit.

In conclusion, I would like to say how proud I am of the entire 3A team for their dedication to the hospital, and each other, and more importantly the patients and families they cared for. Their compassion and adaptability should be applauded.