3 West Nursing Team
September 2021
3 West
Nursing Team
3 West
Sentara Leigh Hospital
United States
Leizle Ortiz, Deborah Smith, Maggie McDaniel, Rakel Burke, Kelsey Themides, Caitlyn Peribonio, Leonila Romero, Hannah Watkins, Juan Martin Arevalo, Devin McLaggan, Kelsey Andrews, Leona Hayward, Deondra Langron, Daniel Duck, Maria Diaz, Joyce Lewis, RT and Clare Rosencrantz, RN, Marjorie Devera, Amanda Lion, (AJ) Antonio Jackson




They were personable, compassionate, sympathetic, and consistently demonstrated a spirit of excellence like nothing I have ever seen.
Sometimes in life's journey, there are those God sends our way who make a difference above and beyond what is expected. Recently, I was a patient at Sentara Leigh Hospital for 13 days. During that time, there were those on 3 West who went above and beyond in their dedication and focus of my care. 

The care and concern from these individuals were exceptional. They were so kind and each one made a difference in my care and were excellent in their respective roles. They exhibited skillful expertise and professional attributes that gave me the confidence I needed during a very difficult time.

The one thing that was evident throughout my stay is the single thread of service that is prevalent in each of them. It comes from a place deep in their heart as they truly have genuine compassion for their patients. There are also very team-oriented, always share accolades with their fellow co-workers, and promote those they work with to a position of excellence.

Deborah and Kelsey were even kind enough to take a few calls from my husband and encourage him that I was okay. He had also been in the hospital with COVID for 6 days, while my stay was 13 days. He was at home and pretty emotional that I was still hospitalized and he couldn’t see me. Tearfully, he told them that the house was too big without me there and that I was his best friend; he needed to know that I was okay. With compassion and kindness, they responded to his calls and gave him updates on my care. I can’t begin to tell you what that meant to both of us.

Every staff member on 3 West is beyond outstanding, dedicated, and focused on excellence. I watched them serve whole-heartedly and tirelessly each day.

Leona Hayward was my main care partner during my stay. She is a powerhouse. This lady works non-stop and came into my room each day with a burst of joy and encouragement that was contagious. She is quick to jump in and help others without even being asked. Leona truly has a heart for service and a genuine love for people.

Deondra was in training with Leona and already has the same skill set that is obvious along with compassion for the patient’s care and kindness.

Daniel was my care partner for one day. He was extremely attentive, helpful, very fast, and has a great sense of humor. He makes his patients feel comfortable, at ease and is very down-to-earth.

Joyce Lewis, RT and Clare Rosencrantz, RN These two ladies were reassuring, kind, and took the time to explain what was going on with the high flow oxygen. They were extremely knowledgeable and calmed my concerns. I felt confident in their care.

I had physical therapy one time with Marjorie. Her sweet spirit permeated the room and she was so patient as she helped me move. She is excellent in this role and listens with kindness and concern. Her contagious smile and encouragement motivated me to keep trying.

A sweet girl named Amanda cleaned my room. She was always joyful and did such a great job. Unfortunately, oftentimes individuals in these roles are overlooked; however, their service is so important to the patient’s care and wellbeing. Amanda always seemed focused on completing her tasks with excellence. She took great pride in the room being clean

Antonio is an electrician who was on duty over the weekend and came to unstop the commode. AJ, as he is called, is a born leader. He is a hidden treasure filled with integrity, gratefulness for his job, and has a heart for service. Regardless of the task, he is ready for it with a huge smile and focused attention to the job at hand.

I realize that not all of these individuals, such as housekeeping or maintenance were part of the 3 west team on a daily basis, but they are still worthy of recognition for their excellence. All of the above individuals stood out and each one made a positive impact on my care. They were personable, compassionate, sympathetic, and consistently demonstrated a spirit of excellence like nothing I have ever seen. Please recognize each of these individuals. They are a credit to the Sentara Health Care System, and I will forever be grateful for their kindness and expertise. Without a doubt, the FIVE STAR 3 WEST DREAM TEAM should be the role models for all to follow. They cared for me like family and I will never forget their heart for service and excellent care.