The people in the picture, from left to right are:
Ed Lawrence, MHT
Meg Trainer, RN
Kate Green, RN
Arwen Deschere,RN
Aaliyah Boxley, MHT
Angel White, MHT
Doris Gaskins, NA
Emma Bittner, RN
Sarah Wicker, RN
MaryBeth Edger, CNO, SVP
Stacy Taragna, RN
Dennis Caliguri, RN, VP
Demetria Bazemore-Anderson, RN Clinical Practice Leader
Abbie Lampe RN Nurse Manager
May 2021
14 Thompson
Inpatient Behavioral Health
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
United States
Abbie Lampe, MSN,RN, Nurse Manager
Margaret Trainer BSN, RN-BC
Kathryn Green BSN, RN
Arwen Deschere BSN, RN-BC
Eric Phillips MSN, RN
Stacy Taragna MS, RN
Sarah Wicker BSN, RN
Johanna Djuhadi BSN, RN
Mabel Feggans BSN, RN-BC
Marylin Hamada RN
Genevieve Hudgins BSN, RN
Ashley Parker BSN, RN-BC
Yi Wang BSN, RN
Emma Bittner BSN, RN
Joy Herder MSN, RN
Aaliyah Boxley BS, MHT
Nisheka Davis MS, MHT
David Goode, MS, MHT
Davis Jones, BS, MHT
Edward Lawrence EMT, MHT
Antoinette Pineda BS, MHT
Dominique Sample BS, MHT
Angela White BS, MHT
Antoine Williams BS, MHT
Jenny Villegas MSW, LCSW
Kimberly Kriebel MSW, LCSW
Solange Margery-Bertoglia MD
James Harrison MD
Donna Conwell PsyD
Jonathan Cronin MS
Daisy Cabalhin MS
Doreen Dimonte MA




I nominated the 14 Thompson nursing staff for a DAISY Team Award, for their care of our inpatient behavioral health patients, especially during this week. When you have three patients on a small unit at the same time who are loud and provocative and have a potential for violence, it can make the unit impossible to manage, and lead to multiple staff being injured. This nursing staff kept everyone safe throughout this whole week and helped three patients to stay as much in the community as they could tolerate. It was only through exemplary teamwork and compassion that the unit survived this very difficult time. The team provided expert and compassionate care to all of these patients. Thank you for your amazing teamwork!