Kathleen McKay RN, Sammie Demarce RN, Felicia Bellant RN and Em Thompson NA
May 2021
Northeast CDU
1 Northeast CDU
Beaumont Hospital - Troy
United States
Nicole White – Clinical Nurse Specialist - Nursing Educator

Clinical Nurse Manager:
Brittany Shepard RN

Day RNs
Michelle Alanouf
Felicia Bellant
Abigail Bongiorno
Emily Bryce
Kellie Carpenter
Joann Contarino
Samantha “Sammie” Demarce
Francesca Evans
Kimberly “Kim” Hammond
Alli Hinman
Monika Matei
Kathleen McKay
Christina Morasso
Sarah Novak
Mary Otto
Vincent “Vince” Tucker
Monique “Mo” Walk

Night RNs
Angela Ball
Kristi Caskey
Christopher “Chris” Clark
Kristina Creeden
Quinnlin “Quinn” Daily
Jessica deSouza
April Figley
Maria Garcia
Amy Henderson
Cynthia “Cindy” Key
Roberta “Bobbie” Saad

Day NAs
Brian Apczynski
Elaine Badder
Kole Kola
Emillie “Em” Thompson
Paige Wasik

Night NAs
Emmanuel “Manny” Adinuso
Nora Augustitus
Jeovani “Vani” Bautistia
Oltjana “Olta” Cumani
Mike McTigue 1

Kelly Godwin
Pedro Tandoc
Felicia Watson




These individuals of 1NE CDU are courageous, brave, and admirable.
When the COVID 19 pandemic began back in March of 2020 the unit CDU/1NE was shut down and the staff were redeployed to several different units all over the hospital. These individuals were assigned daily to different units for different roles. These staff members were taken during extremely uncertain times from their comfort zone. Not only were they taken from their unit, but they were also placed in unfamiliar areas such as intensive care units, to assist in the care of COVID 19 patients, without having the support of their peers. These individuals came to work every day and night, to work during the most uneasy times of their careers, in unfamiliar environments with unfamiliar people. Day in and day out for months on end these employees of this unit endured this. These RNs and NAs were placed in environments and situations that were terrifying, but they continued to do the job to the best of their abilities. They adapted with a willingness to learn to accommodate the needs of the hospital. There was an everyday fear of what they were going to be faced with, but still showed up and did what was asked of them.

Also, when the census dropped within the hospital, they experienced being canceled on endless occasions. During these times, these employees eliminated all or most of their PTO and/or went without pay. At one point during the pandemic 5W patients were moved to 7W, and then a certain number of beds were converted to COVID rooms. The staff from 1NE were pulled to work on 5W caring for these patients. Thankfully, they were able to be staffed with familiar faces again to help give comfort, but again staffing an unfamiliar unit.

These individuals of 1NE CDU are courageous, brave, and admirable. They continued to start and end their shift supporting one another emotionally. They were able to talk through many different situations and rely on one another for strength and encouragement. They demonstrated for several months the true vision of a Beaumont Nurse. They went above and beyond the traditional role of a RN/NA to meet the needs of their patients, families, and their peers during the most unprecedented times.