Zachary Wasserman
April 2019
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I am an RN and had my baby at UMMC. I had an extremely traumatic delivery and ended up spending two days in the SICU. While in the SICU I could not be with my baby unless someone from mother/baby could bring her down or I could be taken to the nursery. I waited all day for the nursery to bring her down and no one was available. Around 4 pm, I was extremely upset and felt like giving up, I needed my baby. Zach was not my nurse, but he had come in and talked to me earlier that day. Zach showed up to my room with a wheelchair and said, "I'm bringing you upstairs". I was able to see my baby and hold her.
Thanks to Zach for taking time out of his day to take me to the nursery. From one nurse to another, I was scared, I was exhausted, and I appreciated the time he gave to me and my family.