Yusuf Abdullah
September 2018
Intermediate Care Unit
Methodist Charlton Medical Center
United States




Yusuf, you give the profession of nursing a good name. I have deep respect for what you do and the passion you bring to your work. There's a special place reserved for people like you. You are a lifesaver. Somehow, you knew just what my grandmother needed. I got a call from my mom saying get to the hospital, your grandma is not doing well. We got to the hospital and the doctor had no words of encouragement. That day was such a rollercoaster. Yusuf (super nurse) that night came to the rescue. I don't know what he told my grandma, but whatever he did, it made a big difference. I came back today and she's up talking. Better shape than yesterday. We are very grateful for him. I know he didn't have to do it. His kindness and thoughtfulness will be remembered by our family. We'll just say he's now part of our family. Thank you, Yusuf!