Wendy Ogren
November 2016
Medical Short Stay Unit
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
United States




I was a patient in the MSSU this past November and my overnight nurse, Wendy Ogren, was amazing!
I am very soft spoken and don't like to complain, but I was in a great deal of discomfort. Wendy took the time to listen to my concerns and issues, then went out of her way to communicate with my doctors. You may say, "she was just doing her job", but based on my previous experiences, this was extraordinary.
Wendy also took the time to comfort me when I was afraid. She showed so much concern that even though I was in the hospital alone, I felt as though I had someone that actually cared about my health, safety, and recovery with me. Not everyone is capable of expressing that type of empathy, and I will never forget the kindness showed to me. Wendy was also a calming presence to my mother and reassured her that she only had my best interests at heart. This made my mother feel comfortable enough to leave my bedside.
Wendy was the most caring, honest, reliable nurse that I have ever encountered. I truly appreciate her!