Vicki Adsit
May 2015
Clinical Resource Unit
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
United States




...Vicki utilizes clinical knowledge in her patient assessments and provides scrupulous care for her patients. A comment from her nomination reads, "Vicki consistently goes above and beyond her role as a nurse, she is always finding ways to: teach a family the best way they can learn, she mentors every nurse she comes in contact with while role modeling, while using critical thinking which results in positive results for the patients she cares for on every unit." Vicki has been best described as: compassionate, collaborative, a role model, an advocate, a teacher, thoughtful, inspirational, has a positive attitude, a team player, resourceful, intuitive, caring, and so much more.

Vicki is an outstanding facilitator of learning to our newer nurses. She has a certain drive and motivation to teach, and encourage new nurses to never become complacent in their profession, by encouraging them to want to continue to learn and become lifelong learners. Vicki is always enthusiastic to take on new orientees and is thorough at explaining pediatric critical care skills.

Caring practices are definitely highlighted throughout all of Vicki's patient interactions. Vicki focuses on providing a therapeutic environment for both her patients and their families. For example, Vicki recently cared for a patient that had been bullied at school. Vicki saw something is this child, she began talking to him and he really opened up to her and felt safe with Vicki. This relationship truly helped this young boy realize that there were safe places and there were places that he could receive help. This extra time that Vicki spent with this boy, may have prolonged his life and all because of her perseverance. This is only one story that describes Vicki, and how extraordinary she truly is.

Because Vicki floats to every inpatient unit in the hospital, she can understand the stressors that take place throughout the hospital on any given day. She is a critical thinker who is willing to help others out on any unit. Vicki is consistently offering help to her peers whether it is for direct patient care or to help them expand in their critical thinking skills, while helping them continue to be lifelong learners. Vicki is keenly aware that each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses and can adapt well to each unit.

Vicki's dedication and commitment to high standards of care is mirrored through the compliments and nominations from her peers for DAISY Nurse Excellence. Not only is she a role model to other CRU staff, but to all Children's nurses.