Vera Daskalyuk
June 2019
Inpatient Float Pool
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Vera went to a code for a clinic patient that was feeling shaky before their visit. Even though everyone else left since she was alert and oriented, Vera insisted on staying with the patient and checking her blood sugar which turned out to be only 23. She treated the patient and took them to the ED. What a great patient advocate with astute nursing assessments and intervention skills.
I had a difficult discharge in MICU. Vera came, jumped in and took over the discharge. This was a patient who was going home on Coumadin for the first time. For the next 1.5 hours, she did all the teaching and education with the patient and made sure they had their follow up appointment in the anticoagulation clinic. Thanks to you Vera.
Vera advocated strongly for a patient in a very difficult situation. She assessed the situation, called for more resources and stood her ground. I personally would feel safe in her care.
Where do I even begin to describe the incredible care this expert nurse provided for us time and time again? So amazing, by far the most compassionate person I've encountered and the first in five days of our stay to genuinely address me and how I was coping. Love the special touch Vera added to our stay. We will always remember her. Outstanding!
Thank you for helping my mom on G3 ortho. I want every nurse to be like you!
Her coworkers describe Vera as an amazing nurse who always smiles and has a warm greeting. She is compassionate, caring, a great listener and an advocate for her patients/family and coworkers. As a flying squad nurse and RRT, Vera always makes her rounds and comes to check on each nurse whether they need help or not. She is a great team player and her flexibility to float easily to any unit is very valuable to our organization. She also orients and coaches new nurses to help build their skills and as a resource she helps to build knowledge for all nurses.
We are fortunate to have Vera as a Float Nurse to be able to share her compassionate and knowledgeable care with every inpatient unit. Thanks, Vera, for making a difference in so many lives.