January 2010
Emergency Department
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
United States




University of Pennsylvania Health System

Winner for January: Tricia Abel-Baker
Emergency Department

Tricia devotes her best practice to her patients; she is a caring and compassionate nurse who always demonstrates integrity in caring. I believe she personifies the concepts of Daisy nursing.

A specific example of Tricia’s superior nurse-family relationship was evidenced in an interaction she and I shared recently. The patient was acutely ill and his wife was having a difficult time understanding how critical his situation was. Tricia facilitated the wife’s presence at the bedside; both before he was intubated and after, providing explanations for interventions and helping the wife through the inevitable process of recognizing that the patient was gravely ill.

The story does not end there, however. This lady was awaiting the arrival of her daughters and, except for Tricia, was alone during his ED visit. She was confused by many aspects of his care and Tricia provided carefully worded, compassionate explanations to her. As we were transferring the patient to the CCU after the end of shift, Tricia remained with his wife as the oncoming nurse facilitated the transfer. Moments after the patient was ready to go to the unit the daughters arrived. Tricia went with the wife to the main lobby where the daughters were and as Dr. Dickinson wanted to speak with the family, brought them to the consultation room. She stayed with the family during his explanation and then recruited an EDT to help them find the CCU family waiting room where they could wait to see the patient.

During my many experiences of sharing bedside nursing with Tricia she has exemplified the Daisy philosophy while always being a nurse with tremendous skills who puts the needs of her patients’ and their families first. I am proud that she is my co=worker.

Submitted by:

Deborah S. Elliot