Tracy Bryant
March 2016
Orthopedics, Trauma
University of Virginia Health System
United States




My mother had extensive back surgery. The surgery went well, but not so much the recovery. We had three days in ICU and then two days in the step down unit. Mom was suffering from a dura tear and was struggling with significant headaches. My sister and I had been able to tag team to stay with Mom but the oncoming blizzard - snow storm required my sister to leave and travel home to be with her boys during the storm. As a result I was left to stay with my Mom 24/7. When we moved to the regular floor (6th), I was truly at the breaking point of no sleep and trying to make sure Mom was being taken care of. Tracy was our guardian angel, and a truly answered prayer!
She stepped right in with her natural warm empathetic personality and told us not to worry she would make sure both Mom and I got some much needed rest that night. She went above and beyond to cluster Mom's care to minimize disruptions throughout the night. She was quick, efficient, but most of all sincerely cared how we were doing. I can honestly say she got me over a much needed obstacle of fatigue and being overwhelmed with helping take care of Mom. We had the opportunity to have Tracy again just prior to being discharged and once again she rose to the occasion to help address out anxieties of being released. What a wonderful Nurse! I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to cross paths with her!