September 2012
Harrison Medical Center
United States




Tracy demonstrates a level of compassion and understanding with her patients that is beyond exceptional. For example, tonight I witnessed her ease helping an uncomfortable patient, who had just been admitted. She made him feel comfortable and welcome, as if he was among old friends. She then turned around and had a long conversation full of hugs and tears with a grieving mother. Five minutes later, she was calming a confused elderly woman. Tracy can do all of these things with ease because all of her care is straight from the heart. Her patients are not just cared for, they are loved.

The expertise that Tracy brings to the floor is from her long years in nursing and utilization management. She can often be found educating the rest of us on required documentation and what we need to do for proper billing. We are so glad to have her here with us because she expands our knowledge base in an area where many nurses are weak. We are also glad to have her because she truly belongs at the bedside, rather than auditing charts. She belongs with her patients, making that special difference in their difficult journeys that can change perspectives and be remembered for a lifetime.