Tina Abel
January 2015
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
United States




The number of positive compliments I have been given about Tina Abel's amazing work as a hospice nurse is staggering. Tina has a unique capacity to meet with and understand how a patient and their family are coping with the end of life. She has an empathetic bedside manner and an impressive clinical acumen. She just knows what the patient needs, what the family needs, and how to discuss these issues with the family. The patients simply love her.

In addition to her incredible work with patients, Tina Abel has shown herself to be a great team leader. There is no member of the team who has not had their clinical care, documentation, or communication skills improved by Tina. I would extend that list of people affected by Tina to include myself. She simply inspires others to "raise their game" to provide better, more compassionate care for our vulnerable patients.

Tina loves her work. Her love of the hospice service is infectious and she has inspired other nurses to take up the calling of empathetic end of life care through hospice work.