Timothy Rose
June 2015
Stem Cell
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Tim is an incredible example of leadership from the bedside. His compassion for patients is continually demonstrated by striving for clinical excellence and also helping his colleagues achieve the same. We recently had a young man on our stem cell transplant unit for 6+ weeks. He was very ill and at times the outcome was quite uncertain. The gentleman was typically a very active person who had a love for art. Tim recognized the importance of art therapy and psychological support during this trying time and actually arranged to purchase art supplies for this patient to use during his stay as a way to take his mind away from some of the immediate unpleasantries of the situation. The resulting cartoon depiction of Tim as his nurse was priceless!

This young man was ultimately successfully discharged and was so appreciative of the care provided to him by his nurse that he donated a new "game TV" for the unit. This story could have stopped here - but Tim took it one step further by coordinating with unit leadership and Cancer Center leadership to advocate for funding to ensure subsequent patients have access to pleasantries such as art supplies, music, game tvs, etc. We now have support from our SCT docs who are working with donors to arrange not only physical supplies - but with volunteers who are willing to donate time for art sessions and other exciting activities to help our patients pass the time.

Tim also is an advocate for our compassionate care/resiliency support program as he realizes how important and vital it is to ensure that care is provided for the care provider. Tim hosts regular unit teas and has been a mentor to staff experiencing some of the challenges that can present while caring for an oncology patient population. He is well respected by his peers, physicians and truly loved by his patients! We feel fortunate to call him one of our own and have him on our team! Bravo to Tim!