Tiffany Williams
November 2018
Emergency Department
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United States




Tiffany Williams is an ER RN who started with THS in December of 2015. Tiffany is a homeowner who resides on the east coast of the US in Pinetown NC. During Hurricane Florence Tiffany remained at Palmetto, continuing to give the best care possible to all her patients as many of the permanent staff called in or headed further inland, all the while not know what effect the storm was having on her home.
Tiffany was caring for a blind patient a few days ago who had suffered a heart attack. Tiffany was greeted by the man's wife when she entered the room and immediately noticed the wife's distress. The room was in disarray, remnants from the man's procedure were scattered around the room, a tray of tools had been on knocked on the ground and the patient himself had visible bleeding on his gown. Tiffany took care of the patient first, being sure to describe everything she was doing and what feelings to expect as she began to clean him up. Tiffany then cleaned the entire room, while easing the concerns of the patient and his wife, and by the time she was finished everyone was laughing and joking. Tiffany's kindness helped put a smile on the patient's face during a very stressful time. The wife not only pulled Tiffany aside and thanked her for the care that Tiffany gave her husband, but she also went on to write a letter describing the events which she sent to the facility.
When I spoke with Tiffany yesterday she informed me that she was on her way home, since she was off for the next couple of days, and that her home had been devastated by the Hurricane. Portions of her roof are gone which allowed the 26" of rain to seep into the walls and ceiling. Drywall, electrical, carpeting and most likely an entirely new roof will be needed. Tiffany has always, and will always, put every patient ahead of herself, her home and her safety. She is honest, professional, faithful and in my opinion a true DAISY Nurse.