Tiffany La Salle
June 2018
Emergency Department
Riverside University Health System - Medical Center
Moreno Valley
United States




One day I found myself feeling very bad and in the emergency room. As a nurse, I'm used to taking care of everyone else and didn't expect to be the one needing to be taken care of. Being in the position of a patient made me feel anxious and fearful; you don't know what to expect. So, when you are greeted by a compassionate, confident young nurse, it's a calming experience. Tiffany was just that.
Tiffany was present: the first thing she did was introduce herself and state her role. She then said the words, "Let me know what you need because I am here to advocate for you." She was my partner. She listened and followed through with my requests. Tiffany was professional as well as compassionate, showing great pride and passion for her work. She made me feel safe as well as comfortable in an area where that isn't the norm. I believe she deserves a DAISY Award for her hard work and dedication. I am also proud to know I work in an organization that has extraordinary nurses such as Tiffany. The world of nursing is a better place with her in it. Thank you, Tiffany.