Tiffany Burner
August 2020
Cardiac Surgery
University of Virginia Health
United States




Tiffany is an amazing nurse. She is an excellent role model and always has a calming presence on the unit. Tiffany always goes above and beyond for her patients. I have witnessed her in action many times, but this past week she just really went all out.
We had an older patient who was suffering from dementia and really confused. He was very impulsive. Always trying to get up and he even learned how to turn off his own bed alarm. Tiffany realized that what he wanted when he kept getting up was to see what was going on. So she pulled his recliner into the hallway (with a chair alarm) and sat him outside his room so he could people watch. Tiffany was also able to get him to wear his mask, as he sat in the hall.
Having taken care of him for a few shifts, she noticed that he wore the same clothes every day. He said no one brought him any. Her next shift, she was coming back to be the shift manager. She brought him in a clean T shirt (he refused the gowns) and also gave him clean pants off the linen cart. This patient had also been refusing to get a shower or even use wipes. Tiffany managed to talk him into letting her use a shampoo cap on him. I noticed that after all the care and attention he received that his chair alarm did not go off.
I walked past him in the hall at one point and he was actually asleep in the chair with his feet propped up. This was the most relaxed I had seen the patient in all the days that he was on the unit. Tiffany took the time to give this patient the extra TLC he needed while managing a busy unit with admissions and discharges.