Thia Shenk
February 2021
Surgical Trauma Intermediate Care Unit
University of Virginia Health




It was a very scary time for her and me, and Thia helped us to relax some and trust that all would be ok.
Thia is a fairly new nurse. I have seen her grow in both knowledge and skills since she has started work here at UVA. She is also one of the most compassionate people that I know. She is what I consider a true nurse and caregiver. I nominated Thia because of her compassion and the fact that she will go out of her way to help patients in every way.
This was demonstrated when she assisted us in helping a patient, who has been in the hospital since January, see her grandchild. This patient has been very depressed over her inability to see her family due to the visitor restrictions put in place due to COVID. While she has been in the hospital she had a grandchild born. Her one wish was to see this child for Christmas. Since her medical condition would not allow for that to happen we, the APPs, and the nursing staff on 5 north made arrangements with the family to have them bring the baby to the medical center. We then made a plan to take the patient down to the lobby so she could see her grandbaby. The family with the baby stood outside and the patient was inside with the window between.
On the day that the patient's family was going to be here, Thia with the assistance of the PCT, helped the patient get ready. Then after getting her comfortable in the Styker chair Thia, with me assisting, took the patient to the lobby to see her grandbaby. Thia assisted the patient with FaceTime so she could speak with all of her family. I assistedthe family outside to do the same. We took pictures for the patient and the family. It was a very rewarding experience.
Thanks to Thia's patience and the ability of the 5 north staff to flex to allow Thia to leave the unit, we were able to give the patient and her family an early Christmas present.
My wife was in tremendous pain and needed to have spine surgery asap. Thia was a tremendous help and comfort to her and answered all her questions. It was a very scary time for her and me, and Thia helped us to relax some and trust that all would be ok. She was very caring and got the help that was needed each time. She ought to be recognized for her sweet spirit and caring attitude. She was awesome!