Theresa Tangco
October 2019
Ambulatory Surgery Operating Room
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




In addition to performing her job at an exemplary level here at Hospital for Special Surgery on the Ambulatory 9th Floor, Theresa demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to her job. Theresa takes it upon herself to provide exceptional and compassionate support and service to her patients' individual needs and moves efficiently to answer questions or concerns for patients. Theresa has a strong ability to connect to patients and their families and unselfishly gives her time to ignite engagement of her peers for several projects. She emphasizes our patients and their safety. Theresa is helpful, caring and happy to offer services no matter what the task is. She often performs above and beyond. She recently offered her expertise and planning skills to be in charge of a handoff tool called LifeWings, or HTT. This tool is currently a success. This is an initiative taken by the hospital to improve communication among caretakers as patients move along the different stages of perioperative care with the goal of patients' safety and satisfaction. Theresa is truly the nurse we all hope to have because of her quick wit, attention to detail, and loyalty to her patients and to HSS. A true champion with a tireless commitment to serving patients. Theresa's skills, compassion, willingness and dedication to her profession make her a true DAISY Nurse.