Teresa Radford
October 2016
General Medicine
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Teresa goes beyond care for her patients. She gets involved as far as researching information that pertains to the patient and getting appropriate help when needed. She has always been there for her patients with anything that involves their care. Not only that, she is a team player with her co-workers. Always stepping in to help someone who is overwhelmed to make their day go smoother. Even if it is just talking to patients and family members about the care that is given or will be given.
Situations can be complicated at times on our unit. Staff members needed to talk about those complicated situations so Teresa began the Morale Distress Meetings on our unit to help staff learn on how to cope with difficult situations. These meetings are appreciated by staff.
Our unit was assigned a long-term patient who came with enormous family dynamic issues, difficult progression of care conferences, and many different psychosocial difficulties that took any typical hospital care above and beyond. Teresa spent a lot of time with this patient and her family until the patient eventually passed away. Teresa spent many hours, cried many tears, and gave many hugs to this patient's family and the physicians and staff who took care of her as well. The patient's family was exceedingly difficult, and Teresa with her expertise on palliative care helped the family with their difficult end-of-life decisions. This all led to the patient's complete comfort at the end of life, and a new and deep understanding with staff and patient family members.