September 2016
Radiology Nursing
University of Virginia Health System
United States




I'm writing about M. This patient came to us from the Harrisonburg Salvation Army for a second opinion. Patient M had a left renal biopsy done with Radiology. RZ with the Salvation Army is now calling to see what M may owe our hospital in total for everything that she's had done here recently. I have to say I was so happy to take this phone call! RZ said that pretty much all of M's life she's been treated badly by everyone, unfortunately even by doctors and hospital staff. This experience was very different! M was so appreciative of everyone and said that all who saw her truly seemed to care! One thing M pointed out specifically was that there was a nurse who bought her lunch one day when she was here. M said no one had ever done that for her before and it literally made her cry!
That makes me feel wonderful! Teresa Maddox needs to have more than a pat on the back! By devoting a little extra time and love, she single-handedly made M feel special and worthy. That's something you can't learn from a textbook! Acts of kindness like this shouldn't go unrecognized. When you hear stories like this it really brings to light what a difference we can all make in our patients' lives. It makes what we do every day mean so much!
Teresa Maddox impacts patient care each day by her acceptance of all patients, setting patients and families at ease, and demonstrating a caring attitude in all interactions.