Tarah Radford
September 2018
FirstHealth - Moore Regional Hospital
United States




I was a patient at Richmond recently for a few months to receive antibiotics for my heart and I would like to thank a nurse that took care of me. Tarah was only my nurse a handful of times but when she was, she talked to me like a person. I had been in the bed so long that I became very weak and couldn't get up. I began wearing diapers and being put on the bedpan because that was faster and easier. However, Tarah pushed me to get up to the bedside commode so that I could regain my strength. She would get me up to a wheelchair so that I would get out of bed and even arranged for my family to bring my dog by and wheeled me outside to the car to see her.
Tarah also noticed I would order the same thing to eat every day because I didn't like the food. One day she was ordering out and asked me if I wanted Zaxbys. She paid and delivered it to me. I tried to pay her back when my mom came, and she wouldn't take my money. She said the Lord blesses her every day and that one meal wasn't going to make her go broke. That it was because of patients like me who she cares for each week that is the reason she has a job to come to.
Tarah may not have thought she did much, but she treated me like a person and in the examples above she didn't do it for the praise and glory of others, she did it because of the type of human being she is. I hope this award exemplifies the type of person and nurse that she is because this is truly her calling in life and we could use more of her. I hope this is a big enough thank you to Tarah.