Tamara Adkins
May 2017
Gritman Medical Center
United States




I had surgery for a perforated stomach ulcer. All the nurses and administration exemplified "how can I help you today?"through their expertise and compassion.Tamara's care was especially outstanding. In the 3 days she cared for me, she often went out of her way to do whatever it took to make me feel more comfortable. My IV was going out and the potassium was painful. She lowered the delivery rate and mixed lidocaine with potassium to reduce the burn. My 2 ½ and 4 ½-year-old granddaughters, who are fascinated with medical processes and how they help to heal, came to visit. Tamara made this into a special event for them and me. She invited them to cover my incision with the betadine solution, one at a time, with the solution and with a swab, followed by insisting that they each had a blue glove balloon. Both were beaming and waving their treasures as they left.The hospitalis an ultra-exciting place for them. I am thankful for every moment I was under Tamara's exemplary, competent, and creative care. I will take away improved health and many precious memories of conversations with dedicated professionals, especially Tamara.