Talitha Abell
May 2019
House Manager
Beaumont Hospital-Farmington Hills, Botsford Campus
Farmington Hills
United States




"Leadership is not a position or a title, but action and example." - Cory Booker
I would like to recognize Talitha Abell, House Manager and Manager of the Nursing Resource Pool at Beaumont Farmington Hills. Talitha is not only the House Manager- responsible for endless coordination, problem-solving, directing, planning, and overseeing for all of the daily operations of the entire hospital, but she also manages the entire Nurse Resource Pool, which in itself is a large unit and its staff members are not centrally located from day to day. She wears many hats, and while she has been my manager for a couple of years, I still learn more and more things that she is responsible for regularly. Not only does this incredible woman lead numerous areas, but she also does it singlehandedly as she has minimal support staff to assist with daily operations.
Aside from all that she does in her official capacity, the reason I am nominating Talitha is because of her character. Talitha is a woman of integrity. She operates in every function with 100% honesty and transparency. She always makes the ethical decision, even when it is a difficult decision. She is one of the most intelligent women I know and is constantly seeking to improve herself, as well as inspire those around her. She is currently finishing her Master's Degree on top of all of her other roles and is constantly searching for new educational material to improve practice, to improve as a leader and mentor, and to pass on to anyone interested. She is an avid "Ted Talk" subscriber and passes on the most inspirational messages to her employees and coworkers. No matter the day or the situation that she might face, Talitha carries herself with grace. She always has a smile on her face, and an encouraging word to offer. In the most stressful of situations, she is able to see not only the big picture but each individual. She meets people where they are at and offers compassion and guidance when needed.
Talitha has a true open-door policy. If you go to meet with her, she always makes the time, makes the space, and gives you 100% of her undivided attention. Which, with so very many things on her plate at all times, seems impossible, and yet she offers this undivided attention to people constantly. She is the kind of leader who would never ask you to do something that she wouldn't do. She is willing to help at all times and will work days, nights, weekends, and holidays to cover shifts if it is needed or to make things happen when there are just does not seem to be enough hours in the day or week.
Talitha is a visionary leader as well. She has a gift for seeing people not only as they are with absolute acceptance but as they could be. She is a mentor to her staff and is constantly working to align their work with their strengths and their goals and to encourage people on their path. She is eager to see her staff succeed and excited for others to get credit for their efforts. She is committed to the vision of Beaumont, and to serving her team. It is rare to meet someone with as much passion for people as Talitha has, and she exudes this passion in every aspect of her work and her day. She views her leadership role as an opportunity to help more people and walks in humility. She leaves her mark everywhere she goes and on everyone she meets. For all the adversity she has faced, you would never know it, except for her fierce determination to continue to press forward. She raises others up within her department, among her fellow leaders, and really in every situation she enters into.
Talitha also leads with creativity and innovation. She is always working to think outside the box to solve problems. She is also known as "the finder" among her staff. She has a way of producing resources to make others' jobs possible or easier when the resources seem impossible to find. I have only ever heard absolute respect and gratitude from her staff - her support and advocacy are always guaranteed. Her heart is that of service towards the people she leads, and I am so very honored to call her a manager, mentor, and friend.