Sydney Quigley
March 2018
Epilepsy and Neurology
University of Virginia Health System
United States




As we all know, happy nurses provide better patient care. One way to increase happiness at work and thus overall job satisfaction is to spread good cheer during the holiday season. Sidney Quigley decided she wanted to create a little happiness, not just on her home unit (6C), but throughout the hospital. She got an "Elf on the Shelf", named it Pyxy, and adopted it as 6C's holiday mascot. She set up instructions for 6C staff to send Pyxy through the tube system to other areas of the hospital with treats and a note asking the receiving unit to take photos of Pyxy's visit and to then return her to 6C. Receiving 6C staff would then send her out again to another unit. 6C staff really enjoyed this activity and, as is clear from the photos, the receiving units had a good time with it as well. I just think it's fantastic that a relatively new nurse took the initiative to use her own money and own time to set up a project spreading joy throughout the hospital without detracting from her everyday practice of providing excellent care for our patients.