Suzanne Agae
May 2015
House Supervisor
Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican-San Martin Campus
Las Vegas
United States




Suzanne Agae is a deserving recipient of the DAISY award. Her clinical excellence, compassionate care, and patient-centered service were above and beyond my expectations.

I met her on my first admission through the ER. She came to let me know that a room was being readied for me. I was extremely apprehensive because of my unusual health condition. She was so nice and assured me that I would be in good hands. She told me I could have her paged at any time if I needed her, and I immediately felt at ease and confident that I would be okay. I was discharged the next day following a colonoscopy.

A week later I was, once again, admitted for the same condition. Lucky for me, Suzanne was on duty and saw me in the ER. This time, she expressed concern for my re-admission and said she would get me a room as quickly as possible. Later that day, she came to my room to make sure I was comfortable and urged me to call her if I had any concerns.

It was the next day when I had a frightening rush of severe bleeding and, it so happened, that Suzanne stopped by to say hello. Had it not been for her quick assistance and calm demeanor in helping me to the bathroom, I would have been hysterical. She made several phone calls and got me immediate assistance. She checked on me frequently thereafter, giving me confidence and peace of mind that I was not going to die. She was my beacon of hope and displayed such compassion for my situation that I want her efforts to be recognized and rewarded.

Thank you for employing such a wonderful, caring employee, and thank you Suzanne Agae!