April 2022
Susan C
WPMC - Internal Medicine Clinic
Wright Patterson Medical Center
United States




She has never turfed him to another staff member and has never taken longer than a day to respond to him.
My father has a complicated medical history. He has been a diabetic for many years and is always proud of the fact that he kept his HgA1C below 7. Being a Vietnam Veteran, he was exposed to a carcinogenic chemical. As a result, approximately 7 years ago, he developed kidney cancer and had a partial nephrectomy. However, the cancer metastasized to his lungs and brain twice. Again he had surgery to remove the masses. His fight continued with chemotherapy and radiation. He did not tolerate his chemotherapy well and developed an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis (MG). Part of his medical treatment was to start him on steroids. Steroids make it difficult to maintain level blood glucose levels. He has been placed on a continuous glucose meter (CGM) which assists him in knowing where his glucose levels are and do not require him to stick himself to get the readings. Susan was instrumental in getting him set up on the CGM, teaching my family how the monitor worked, and following his readouts on a frequent basis. Susan provided him with her direct line so he would feel confident that she would be there if he needed her. Susan assisted my father in obtaining new sensors and transmitters when the medical supply company was having difficulty delivering the needed supplies on time. The day before the Christmas holiday, my father called her to let her know that he still hadn't received his sensors after trying for 2 weeks. Susan met my parents in the parking lot (she didn't feel he should be out in the cold, and he has difficulty walking) to provide him with enough supplies to last him until his order was received from the vendor. Not only was this action above and beyond what was expected, she was there after normal duty hours to ensure her patients were taken care of before the holiday. My father leaves messages on Susan's phone whenever he has a question. She is always quick to respond, provides him guidance, relays the information to his daughter per his request, and coordinates his care with the endocrinologist and the neurologist to ensure his immediate care needs are met. She has never turfed him to another staff member and has never taken longer than a day to respond to him. My father, usually a very quiet man, is quick to tell everyone how great his care is at the medical center and how wonderful his nurses are, especially Susan. These are only a few of the examples of how Susan has provided excellent nursing care. Please accept our nomination of Susan for the DAISY Award.